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Health Check: My Collection

After a harrowing tasting of one of my bottles the other week, I've been very concerned about the state of the others.  Did I royally fuck them up via poor storage? Nervously, I brought two bottles over to my friend's apartment as refreshments for a photo shoot.  One white, one red.  How'd they fare?

Hermann J Wiemer, Magdalena Vineyard, Dry Riesling, Finger Lakes, 2011 - Yee-haw, this Riesling was just as amazing as when I first tried it over the summer.   It was all about the peach and apricot upon first sniff, but then limes and grapefruits came through, quickly followed by slate.  On the palate, it was like bushelfuls of orchard fruits had been dumped into the glass, but again, citrus to the rescue to keep it zesty.  Although it was classified as a dry Riesling, I did sense more residual sugar than anticipated. The high acid and viscous body gave it depth and interest and I'm sad that my sole bottle of this wine is gone. 

Domaine Anne & Jean-Francois Delorme, Mercurey, Burgundy, 2009 - This pinot noir started tight; I faintly detected blackberry, raspberry, a bit of plum and while the scents of soil and earth were apparent, the alcohol was rather prominent on the nose.  The first few sips didn't do much to boost my confidence; the alcohol was giving off some major heat and the whole thing tasted a bit flat.  Fuuuuuuccccckkkk. Luckily, it just needed a bit of time and air. As it evolved it became more lush and round on the palate.  The tannins and acid found they groove, giving the flowering fruits a richness to their flavor. I breathed a massive sigh of relief. 

I think they're going to pull through, but fingers crossed….

Sound the Alarm

Houston, we may have a problem.

Tonight, I opened up one of my more "casual" bottles of wine and it was not good.  Not good at all.
Now, there are a few reasons why this could be:
1.  The wine itself was just not that great.
2.  This particular wine is meant to be drunk young and doesn't age well.
3.  My palate is still off due to being sick.

Or, my worst fear:
4.  The wine, which has been improperly stored for the past few months, has gone off.

Don't judge.  I'm ashamed enough as is. I can try to blame various circumstances that have occurred over the past few months but let's be honest:  like some teenager about to be sent to juvie, I knew the rules and didn't follow them.

The cause of the bad wine is inconclusive but it does raise a major concern for the other bottles, the "better" ones that I'm waiting for the right time to open: have I destroyed my collection??? Have I done irrevocable damage to my vino?

I think we all can learn some valuable lessons from this experience:
1.  Drink your s***.  They are there to be consumed, especially if they are not wines that would benefit from aging.
2.  Store your s*** properly.  No excuses.

Has anyone else had a bad wine storage experience? Don't worry, this is a safe space, feel free to share...

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