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Aged Whites

After trips to Burgundy and Spain, I'm slightly obsessed with aged white wines, but they are not always easy to find (or I find affordable).  Like actresses in Hollywood, young and fresh white wines are often the drink of choice.  However, like those ambitious beauties, there are a plethora of them fighting for the starring role on the table. Personally, I'm excited when I find one of these mature stars in the casting call, er, wine list.  They obtain a unique complexity during their evolution and make me rethink what I know about the grape.

Case in point?  The Domaine Aux Moines Savienneres - Roche Aux Moines, 1999, we recently had at Freek's Mill in Gowanus.  This Chenin Blanc had developed a lovely nutty overlay to its aromatic profile.  On the palate, it still had good structure and moderate acidity, which paired well with many of our dishes.  

Photo by Shana Sokol, Shana Speaks Wine

Photo by Shana Sokol, Shana Speaks Wine

Forget the young ingenue; what aged whites have you tried recently?