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Kosher Countdown - The 2nd Cup

Tonight's selection is an Israeli wine for Shiloh vineyards. Established in 2005, this winery is located in the Judean desert.  A desert winery?  Sounds crazy, yes, but the winery is located 800 meters above sea level, where cooler air pervades.  And let's not forget that although deserts are hot during the day, nights are actually cold; therefore the grapes don't overripen and are able to maintain acidity.

The Shiloh Legend II, Israel, 2010, is a blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Carignan and 5% Sangiovese. With a deep garnet color, the wine looks powerful in the glass. On the nose, black fruits and beef jerky connect with smoke and tobacco, although a hint of spearmint soothes at the end of the sniff.  The fruits come across riper on the palate and again, a spiced beef jerky gives the wine a bit of heft.  Tannins prickle the mouth but don't overwhelm.  If brisket is on the menu, this is a great pairing.


Shiloh Legend II.  Photo by Shana Sokol, Shana Speaks Wine.

Shiloh Legend II.  Photo by Shana Sokol, Shana Speaks Wine.