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Wine Glass Diatribe

What's this?  


I'm sad to tell you that this is considered a glass of wine.

At a recent girls' night, we checked out Bonnie Vee, a new-ish spot on the Lower East Side. Overall, it was everything we wanted for our catch-up; great ambiance, comfortable seating, well-prepared nibbles, good cocktail list and a small but decent selection of wines by the glass.

But why, oh why, if you're going to put some iota of thought into your wines, would you serve them in a water glass?!  The aromatics are muffled, the wine gets warm and ultimately, the pleasure of wine is taken away. I've seen this in way too many places and it's really unacceptable. Obivously the owners of proud their establishment and want to create a great atmosphere for their guests. But why skimp on the essentials? I'm not asking for expensive Zalto glasses but come on, just throw me a stem here.