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Detox, Take 2

Let's try this again...

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With the blizzard behind us, I tried the detox idea again.  This is not a cleanse, where all I do is drink juice and get hangry.  Rather, this is an adjustment in what I'm consuming.  See ya later, sweets.  Alcohol, be gone.  Caffeine?  Well, alright, you can stay (there's no way I'm gettng through a workday without my coffee and Diet Coke).   Fruits, veggies and lean proteins become my best friends while processed foods and anything that comes in a snack bag are banished.  It's not forever, only a few days, but it does give me a moment to breathe and reflect on the year past, not to mention recalibrate and give myself a fresh start.

Do you detox for the new year? Or perhaps have some other ritual to recognize new beginnings?  Let me know!