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Friday Fours and a Pour: The Rosh Hashanah/Fashion Week Mashup Edition Sept 6

 What happens when a carb-o-licious holiday meets a weeklong parade of skinny models?  You get a mighty diverse array of Fours this week.  

The Fours
1. This Chocolate Babka and Challah from Breads Bakery.  This Israeli bakery was noted for their chocolate-Nutella dessert situation and it did not disappoint.  And Challah? I see French Toast in my future (if any lasts until the morning).  Note: eating these is made infinitely more enjoyable while perusing all the Fashion Week coverage and thinking how those poor models have been surviving on carrot sticks all week.  That is, until I feel uncomfortably full and the tight clothes look really restricting.  Then I just turn my attention to the shoes.

2. The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messaud.  I'm only halfway through this can't-put-down novel about a woman's self-exploration of artistic talent and sense of person through her relationship with a neighboring family, but her journey really resonates.  I've never been one to make Jan 1 resolutions but I've also viewed Rosh Hashanah as a time to be introspective, reflecting on the year past and setting goals for the future.  Maybe it has something to do with the whole "back to school" vibe that comes with the change of seasons.

3.  The Lip Gel lipstick in Neo-Noir from Marc Jacobs' new makeup line.  At a launch event at Sephora, this red looked good on just about everyone.  Plus, it was shiny, creamy and stuck around, even after our umpteenth glass of champagne.  I may have to invest in this tube.  

4. BFA's Instagram feed of Fashion Week.  They mix runway show fashion with after-party festivities, giving a range of the FW experience.  Inspirational couture meets inspirational street fashion, all on my phone. 

The Pour
The last bottle of my favorite rose, Rosa del Rosa,  Proprieta Sperino, 2012, saved for a special occasion, is the perfect pour for the holiday meal.  Medium bodied, medium acid, this sweet and slightly tart sipper starts with strawberry, finishes with minerals, and drinks incredibly easy throughout. It's going to be torture waiting for the 2013 to come out next year. 

Happy New Year, y'all!