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Friday Fours and a Pour - August 30

Who needs to go on vacation at the end of August when your city starts to feel like its own foreign country?  Most New Yorkers have fled sidewalks in search of sand; conversely, all of Europe has come to the city for vacation.  The hodpodge of languages I encounter on every street corner forces me to look at my city through their eyes (and with those big-ass cameras they have slung around their necks, you know they're probably getting some great shots). Some people may complain about the tourists, but it's fun to reframe the city from their viewpoint. Here's my hometown tourist favorites of the week:

The Fours:

The Highline
I'll admit, when the park was first built, I didn't fully get it and thought it was an overhyped PR blitz for the city. But over time I've fallen deeply in love with this 1.45 mile stretch.  It's become my solace during hard times; nothing's more soothing than sitting on a bench, surrounded by aromatic plants, staring at the water and just thinking things through.  In addition, there's the spot I've dubbed The Road to Nowhere:  benches face a glass wall overlooking 10th Avenue and traffic rushes underneath you as you sit perfectly still.   It's also a gorgeous walk on a warm summer night, lights glimmering at you from both the walkways and the city skyline.  And Terroir has a location on the highline.  Yep. The Highline has wine.  'Nuff said.

Mast Brothers Factory
I grew up close to a chocolate factory in the suburbs of Massachusetts and on certain mornings, the wind carried the aromas to our front door, greeting us as we made our way to school. Walking into this Williamsburg factory/showroom, I was hit with nostalgia, along with the amazing, knee-melting scent of intense cocoa. These two bearded dudes were at the forefront of the Brooklyn culinary revolution with their gourmet chocolates and a trip to their Williamsburg factory is exhilarating, not only because of the chocolate perfume that envelops you when you walk in, but with the tantalizing baked goods behind the counter, gorgeously wrapped chocolate bars, handcrafted bags...
Ah, fuck it, I'll be blunt.  They have samples. TONS of free samples of their swoon-worthy chocolate. Amazing.
What do you get when you combined food, restaurants, fashion and design, shopping and cool, influential people? This amazing website. Between the inspirational stories and gorgeous photography, I can't stop perusing this website, even though my lunch hour is usually well past over by the time I can pull myself away.

I'm a bit Urban Amish so I come to technology a little late in the game.  If you know about this one, good for you! If not, I have to say, this app just upped my Instagram game tenfold.  I can put all my food and wine shots into one composite, like this:

Or this:

Yes, I look like a total pig, but it's such a cool way to show an entire meal, from appetizers to dessert. I guess you can showcase other things, too, like, I dunno, your kids.

The Pour
In honor of Labor Day, I'm forgoing wine in favor of the most summer-y drink I've had in a long time.

The Ginger Colada at Berry Park in Williamsburg.  Made with slush from Kelvin Natural Slush Co, this rummy cooler is a spicy-sweet glass of vacation.  Except you're on a rooftop in Williamsburg.  Surrounded by hipsters.

Happy Labor Day!