Shana Speaks Wine

Wine Journalist, Copywriter, and Marketing Consultant

Drinking out loud. 

Wine, Mind and Body - Pilates ProWorks!

My amazing and fabulous Pilates studio just featured me on their blog - check it out!

Meet Shana!
She has been a member of PPW since opening month… February 2012, and is always a stand out in classes!  From Barre Pro to Barre-X to Pilates, Shana does it all and we love having her here, so it was only natural that she be our next featured member!

1. The thing I am most proud of since joining PPW is…
My posture!  I am much more aware of my core and how I carry myself in my day-to-day activities.  Slumping now feels unnatural and I find myself sitting up straight all the time.
2. I am currently motivated to sweat to…
“Dancing On My Own” by Robyn.  Also, a couple of the instructors have a remixed version of the Motown song “Heatwave” that makes me shake my booty just a bit more.
3. All of our members inspire us… What/Who inspires you?
I seek out inspiration in unexpected places.  I walk to work every day and try to keep my eyes open to all the people and sights around me.  I love reading design and fashion  blogs because I find a lot of inspiration in visual cues. As I’m at a point in my life where I’m turning a passion into a career, I’m incredibly inspired by young entrepreneurs who accomplish their dreams. I believe fear is the biggest barrier to success and I hugely admire people who can overcome it and get out of their own way in order to achieve their goals.
4. Three things your friends at PPW may not know about you:

1. I have a wine blog, and recently launched a wine event and consultancy company, Shana Speaks Wine. 
  2. Every year I attempt to learn a new skill or take a continuing ed class: sewing, sketching, writing, burlesque,   guitar – name it and I’ve probably tried it. 
  3. I am much more comfortable in a dress or a skirt than in jeans and actually didn’t own a pair for about 3 years.
5. When I’m not at PPW you can find me…
  1. at a wine bar… natch.
  2. checking out a new restaurant.
  3. at a concert, lecture or play.  There is so much to do in NYC it’s impossible to be bored.
6.  My favorite thing to pair with a glass of wine is a second glass!
Now for some really exciting news… since nothing goes better with amazing food than amazing wine, we are going to capitalize on Shana’s talents & start adding wine pairingsto our Ready for Summer Recipe Series!  Look for the first collaboration later this week.  You will all definitely want to make this one and we can’t wait to see what Shana has for us to sip on with it!  Cheers!
Make sure you check out & follow Shana on Twitter@ShanaSpeaksWine!

And be sure to keep following them as I will be contributing wine pairings for recipes created by chef (and fellow studio mate) Dean Sheremet.  Find him at