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Wine, Mind and Body: Sonicare Toothbrush

This is the first post in the "Wine, Mind and Body" series.  In this column, I'll be exploring other aspects of wine and how they affect your appearance, health and overall well-being.  

I am truly, madly and deeply in love with my Sonicare toothbrush.

I am not shilling, I am not getting paid to endorse this toothbrush, I just believe it is one of the things in life that makes my day, and my appearance, a little better.

One of the perils of red wine is its stain-producing properties.  I know I'm not the only one who's come home after a few glasses with a purple tongue and raisin teeth (which is even more frightening when you're rather tipsy and examining the damage in the mirror).  What's a wine drinker to do?

First, STEP AWAY FROM THE TOOTHBRUSH; trust me, we'll get there soon enough.  Instead, go to the kitchen and drink water.  Copious amounts of water.  Not only will it hydrate you and help prevent a hangover, it neutralizes the acid in the wine that's bumping n' grinding on your enamel.  If you brush your teeth too soon, you are just drilling the acid, grape pigments and tannins even deeper into the enamel and causing further damage.

Next, try to wait a little bit, ideally about half and hour, before hitting the toothbrush, to let the acid neutralize.  Ever shop online while tipsy?  It's quite a fun way to pass the time and a pleasant surprise when that package comes that you forgot about.

Finally, into the bathroom and onto the Sonicare.  I've found it does a magnificent job of removing a lot of the wine coloring from my teeth after one go.  I love the different levels of intensity (do I feel like whitening today?  Deep cleaning? Caring for my gums?) as well as the 30 second timer so I know to move onto the next quadrant of my mouth. Plus, I love the super fresh and tingly feeling I get after using it.  My only tip?  Put it in your mouth before turning it on: I learned the hard way after too many globs of toothpaste went airborne.

I've noticed a remarkable difference in wine stain removal with this brush versus anything else I've ever tried.  This brush is essential for wine drinkers and I strongly recommend it to anyone.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty....