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Wine Tasting Event Tomorrow!

It's a private party, though, so I can't share deets.  Sorry, kids. But, I'll be sure to fill you in on all the tasting notes after.  But, for your reading pleasure, here's the How to Taste Wine 101 worksheet that all guests will be receiving. Enjoy!

How to Taste Wine
by: Shana Speaks Wine

Taste doesn’t just happen in your mouth - you also taste wine with your eyes and your nose!

Is the wine clear?
What color is the wine?
How light or deep is the color?

How intense are the aromas?
What are some scents you detect?

Is the wine sweet or dry?
How acidic is the wine? (the mouthwatering effect)
What’s the body of the wine? (does it feel watery?  heavier?)
What are some flavors you detect?
How strong are the tannins? (with red wines)

Tongue Receptors

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