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Au Revoir, Cote du Rhone

Jack o' lanterns are making space for poinsettas on porches, candy canes, not halloween candy, are the treats of choice and piles of leaves will soon be replaced with mounds of snow. Fall is bowing to the imminent approach of winter, as are the Cote du Rhone tastings.  As evident from previous blog posts, fall's calendar was filled with pourings from the region but in anticipation of the holidays,  the end of November brought the end of these events for the season.  However, a few gems were showcased in this final round.  Feel free to find inspiration for your holiday meal.

Gallician Costieres de Nimes Prestige 2010
Does the name ring a bell?  It should, as I poured the 2011 rose from this winemaker in part 1 of 24 Hours of Cote du Rhone.  Like its younger, pinker sibling, the nose had ripe berries of cherry, raspberry and strawberry, but this one also found blueberry and a bit of earth in it. The palate had the same fruit flavors but the spiciness of Syrah came through.  Overall, it was very round and smooth and its easy drinking, straightforward style is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Well played, Gallician.

E. Guigal Cotes du Rhone 2009
The same bright berries in the Gallician came through but then a hint of plum appeared on the nose, along with shades of earth and spice. The savory tones announced themselves more prominently on the palate, partnered with a vegetal bit of green pepper.  This red had more pronounced tannins and a fuller (but not full, it's still a Cote du Rhone, after all) body.  Although this one was enjoyable, I think it needs a bit of food to help it shine.

Domaine Les Goubert Beaumes de Venise 2009
Like Chateauneuf  du Pape?  Don't want to waste a good bottle on your crazy aunt and uncle? This neighboring region is a great alternative.  With black cherry and plum on the nose, this was first a juicy hit on the palate but then the earth and tobacco came storming through, balanced with well-integrated tannins.  Soil and a bit of meaty gaminess made you feel like you running through a farm, but the enlivening black pepper and black cherry again came through for a delicious finish.

Time to go dig out my snow boots....