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Sandy Sippers

As I write this, Hurricane Sandy is fast approaching and scaring the hell out of me.  Course of action?  Wine consumption, lots of it.

We grabbed dinner last night at Schillers, one of the few places open in my friend's neighborhood. Still in a Spanish mood from the tasting the other night, I went with a El Coto Rioja Rose 2010.  This is always a good bet in terms of rose.  50/50 Garnacha and Tempranillo, this is a medium-bodied wine with a decent amount of acidity and zing.  On the nose there are a lot of bright berries such as strawberry, cherry and raspberry.  On the palate, the same berries come through but this also is drier and crisper than expected.  Not the most complex but definitely cuts through the gloomy and windy night with its brightness.

Today, we felt it was calm enough to venture outside for lunch.  The brave souls at The Meatball Shop (@MEATBALLERS) were open for as long as they could sustain guests.  Apparently, we weren't the only people with the same lunch aspirations:

Veggie balls and a glass (or 3) of Borell Diehl-Pfalz Muller Thurgau 2011 made the afternoon pass pleasantly and took our mind off Sandy's approach.  Medium bodied with peach and citrus notes on the nose, lively acidity melded harmoniously with the lemon-lime palate.  Refreshingly dry, it contrasted with the wet storm outside.  

And what storm isn't complete without some comforting dessert?  An ice cream sandwich with pumpkin ice cream definitely made the afternoon better, accompanied by Moscato d'Asti.  The light sparkler, redolent of peaches, apricots and orange blossom was enough fortification to fight the lines at the bodega to pick up water and batteries.

Happy Sandy-ing!