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Popping the Cork

My first post, and I think this calls for a celebration.  Specifically, a glass of my favorite champagne, Ruinart Rose.  
Now,  I don’t think champagne (or any sparkler) should only be saved for special occasions.  But, since this is the inaugural post, I want to start by highlighting one of my all-time loves.
I first had Ruinart Rose at Scarpetta in NYC.  After being kept waiting for our reservation, the very gracious hostess directed us to the bar for a complimentary glass of our choosing. Sparkling-rose-anything usually catches my eye and this was no exception.  However, this one left an impression and I entered the name into my phone (back when I was still learning my way around an iPhone - sad to say, I’m still urban amish but I can manage an occasional tweet on the fly and apparently, now a blog).  
Flash forward a few months later to my birthday.  The setting - Scarpetta (hey, I make my favorites known).  In a tradition we started when we first began dating, my S.O. called the restaurant ahead of time and 2 glasses of champagne were brought to the table as soon as we were seated.  In those glasses?  Yep, Ruinart Rose Champagne.  This time, I noticed so much more in this flute than the first time. What primarily struck me was the mousse-y, frothy texture, almost creamy across the palate.  The fruity red berries were balanced with notes of spice, swaying it away from being sweet.  When I pulled out my phone to take note of the name, lo and behold, it was already in there, solidifying my passion for it.